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Forever In My Heart - Wedding Bouquet Charm

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Tie or pin this engraved charm to the bridal bouquet. Engrave it with the name of a family member who can only attend in spirit (example "Grandma, forever in my heart").

Your florist can use the enclosed white ribbon to attach it to your bouquet. Keep the charm to wear on a necklace chain of your own, or use it to create another form of wedding keepsake.


  • ENGRAVING: [Name], forever in my heart [Wedding Date - optional]


  • MATERIALS: stainless steel
  • RIBBON: white
  • FINISHES: stainless steel, gold, or rose gold
  • CHARM DIAMETER: 3/4 inch (19mm)
Stainless Steel
Rose Gold


FONTS – We engrave some products with a mix of fonts, using upper and lower case letters.

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COUPLE'S INITIALS – We engrave a couple's initials in whatever order you specify.

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